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Seagull Control


seagull11In Southern Ontario and the GTA we find gulls in large numbers. While historically known as a seafaring bird they will congregate most anywhere food can be found. Gulls can drink both saltwater and freshwater and thus can survive most in any environment.

While they may be beautiful to observe in their natural environment gulls tend to become major pests in urban areas. They are scavenging birds who will eat anything from dead fish to garbage. Their droppings lead to structural damage due to the high content of uric acid in their feces. In addition gulls pose a risk to public safety when gathering near small and large airports.

Strategies for Control:

There are numerous Provincial and Federal laws protecting gulls making it necessary to first obtain permits prior to controlling these birds. Once this has been done we can easily exclude the gulls from unwanted areas. NIMBY will use Falconry and birds of prey, pyrotechnics, nest removal, exclusion and ledge modification. Please feel free to give us a call and NIMBY will visit your home or business to discuss the best solution for your particular needs.

We are able to put physical barriers in place that can deter gulls from entering an area. Overhead wire grids or large mesh (4 inch) bird netting can be installed over dump sites, aquacultures, ponds, courtyards and other large, open outdoor areas to prevent the soaring gulls from landing. Bird spikes and electrical bird wire or track are effective when installed around building perimeters and on ledges.

At feeding sites such as dumps, audio /visual bird scare devices can be used in combination with overhead grids to move gulls. The location and type of the audio / visual devices MUST VARY so the birds perceive the threat as real. A combination of sophisticated noisemakers creates a menacing, predatory feel to the area driving the problem geese from the vicinity.

Damage Caused by Sea Gulls:

Gull problems often occur at dump sites due to the food opportunities present, as well as at harbors and pier areas. Flocks of gulls often create hazardous conditions to low flying aircraft and can cause bird strikes around airports. Large buildup of gull droppings leads to structural damage from the uric acid in the bird droppings. This is often seen on boats, streetlights and coastal rooftops. Other sea gull problems include slip and fall liability from dropping buildup, plus an unclean, dirty company image. The bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in gull droppings can carry a host of serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and more. Many companies also retain significant clean up costs due to gull problems they don't resolve, as well as customer complaints from the noise and aggressive nature of the gulls.

If you are having problems with Gulls (Seagulls) it is important to consult a NIMBY professional. We have the expertise to control your pigeon problems and safely protect your health and property.

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